About the festival

Pythia’s Journals is a monomedia art festival text, sound & visual art that offers different possibilities to think, act and sense ourselves into a future.

The festival opens may 13 and is going on until May 16.

All material will be available online until May 26. 2020


We compiled a quick list of local and international artist and - though we had no money- we contacted them with this naïve and ambitious idea of creating a platform to think and envision futures on a medium that during lockdown seemed to be the only safe* public space where we could try to grasp what was going on.

Most said yes. Thank you to all of you. All adventurous, curious and radical artists in their own right

This focus of artistic energy has resulted in a great collection of videos, texts, sounds and images mostly new and some older works set in a new context. Some short, some very long, some dark, some cryptical… all interesting and thought enticing

The festival will also present Radio Pythia a collaboration project between Kristoffer Raasted and Office of Emergency. It launches at the festival with a series of conversation programs dealing with topics such as performativity, de-growth and digital zoom.

We encourage you all to buy works directly from the artists and via bandcamp.

We are very grateful to Nordisk Kulturfonds opstartspulje for the quick decision to support the festival.

All proceeds goes directly to the participating artists.

We hope that you enjoy this quickly established attempt to create something beautiful, interesting and prophetic. We hope you too can read the hazy singing that can bring us into a different future

Thanks to all the help and collaborations that made this festival a reality.

We are grateful for having friends like the super effective back-end Jonas Skafte Jensen, who generuosly gave hard work using nerdyness and virtual duct tape to realize the project.

//Curators and coordination Tobias R. Kirstein and Signe Vad

//Programming Jonas Skafte Jensen

The festival is supported by:

Pythia's Journals !

Pythia was the interpreter of the curious singing sounds from the intoxicated oracles. She transformed the seemingly incoherent utterings coming from the hazy cave into cryptical prophetic messages for the curious. And we are so ever curious to read those journals from the future.

So, this is not about the pandemic per se. This is about the future.

The inability to envision a future, because of an all-encompassing present time as a state of mind is one definition of depression (as described by Mikkel Krause Frantzen in his book Going Nowhere Slow).  Pythia’s Journals wanted to ease us out of this stasis by providing strange and radical artworks as possible and impossible futures.

The internet of course has its own limitations, hence ‘monomedia’. On the other hand it offers a cheap, easy, and international forum across distances that are now otherwise closed down.

So we decided to make an online festival filled with a strange energy, with an easy touch and with swift decisions. It needed to be done in one fast and precise movement, a stroke of luck, when you hit the ball just right, as when the stone skips across the water it bounces impossibly on the surface.

A monomedia festival for text, sound & visual art

13/14/15/16 May online until 26.5.2020

Our program runs from Wednesday till Saturday, where the rooms will open one by one.
Thereafter until the 26th of May the rooms will be open and the sound, visual and text art works will be accessible.

BONUS MATERIAL click the title to enter


Claus HaxholmCAVGRWTH-F

Nanna Gro HenningsenVox Pythia

John Duncan (us)Inbound

Ursula NistrupOtherings

Marja-leena Sillanpää (fi)OUR LAST HOPE

Don Dietrich (us) Sculptures 2012-20
Elena Lundquist OrtizThe veil, eller: udfoldelsen af den indfoldede orden
Marcela Lucatelli (br)A Philosopher Ought to Converse Especially with Men in Power

Kristoffer Ørum  – Cray Fish

Stine Frandsen and Alexander HolmTable Culture Full Documentation

Miss Fish
Fluids under pressure

Leyya Mona Tawil/ Lime Rickey International (us)Malayeen

Francesca Burrattelli (dk/it)Elons dream/ the way of the future

Marie Eline HansenHow

Ragnhild May & Kristoffer RaastedOrangeri

Jacob LillemoseRadioavisen 12. marts

Pär Thörn (S) -

Marianne JørgensenKampvogn kører, Ira, Spes


Geraldine Hudson w. Åsa Johansson, SysteriskRites of Spring

Danielle Dahl - Proportions of Time

Pythia's Journals is initiated by Office of Emergency / the Syndicate of Creatures

it is a collaboration between TR Kirstein and Signe Vad from Office of Emergency

the Syndicate of Creatures www.tsoc.zone

The Syndicate of Creatures gathers around exhibitions, events, rituals and conversations. We work with events that revolve around inter-connectedness, either to nature, the world, the past, the future, and to each other.

Office of Emergency – www.ooe.zone

'Office of Emergency –A platform for calm conversations on the impossible. Lets talk about our common worlds bio and climate crisis; share our knowledge, gain new insights. Let's talk about realities, probabilities and opportunities'